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Grief,Stress,Anxiety,Depression. Help Walking for a better Life

These factors affect people in different ways and what one person finds stressful can be normal to another. With each new situation, a person will decide what the challenge is and whether they have the resources to cope. If they decide they don’t have the resources, they will begin to feel anxious, sad, and stressed. How we appraise and deal with the situations will depend on various factors, including:

their background and culture;
their skills and experience;
their personality;
their personal circumstances;

their physical fitness;
their individual characteristics;
their health status;
Age or ability; and
other demands both in and outside work.
Here at Manchester grief centre for we can help you with coping and controlling techniques. Grief and Stress need to be addressed as soon as possible, we all need help.

Rehabilitation and Life Coach

Rehabilitation programmes for clients coming out of hospital or care. Getting clients back into life enabling each client to develop skills that include them in everyday life. In most cases to live independently.
To be able to develop Core, Balance, Strength, through a complete exercise programme that works with you at your level.

Funeral Celebrant

A traditional religious service is appropriate for some people. For others, a totally none or mixed religious ceremony service is more appropriate it really depends on the family and loved one’s wishes.

Some families/friends take part in a ceremony with the guidance from a celebrant who can help you or the celebrant can conduct the service for you completely. We focus sincerely and affectionately on the person who has passed and the journey they had in life.
Allowing friends, relatives and acquaintances to express their feelings and to share their memories and celebrate through words, music or poem
Have warmth and sincerity: many bereaved people find a Humanist/Celebrant helpful and are pleased they have provided a ceremony their loved ones would have wanted that Celebrates the life of the person who has passed by paying tribute to them, to the life they lived, the connections they made and connections left behind
Be simply more appropriate for those who have not lived according to religious principles, or accepted religious views of life or death or may wish to focus more on the person with only a small amount of hymn or religious content that may reflect some part of the departed life and their wishes.

Funeral Celebrants in Humanist Ceremonies are friendly, experienced and are empathetic to each person’s wishes. We will meet with the family or friends who are most closely connected with the person who has passed. This meeting has no time limit we will be with you until you are happy with the content.

Many people feel that a funeral has been a healing experience when they have had the opportunity to be involved in shaping the ceremony and participating on the day.


University of York

An associate of the association of stress consultants

An associate member of the associated international stress management association.

Level four health and social care certificate, core care modules

Level five rehabilitation degree

Diploma; team building, diploma; team types, diploma; train the trainers.

Diploma of excellence; managing/leadership.

Stress v work, stress v health, stress v addiction. coping with social, emotional, psychological, and physical abilities.

Degree in rehabilitation, modules in, psychology, emotional, physical, and social, health and social care, learning disabilities. foundation science, application of skills, evidence-based rehabilitation, (psycho-social), work based learning, (care setting). and emotional, social issues.

The University of Birmingham

Open Discussions relating to personal development, TA and CBT are faourites of mine although I am open to most topics

Analyzing what makes people tick and how they express themselves is a complex science. The areas I cover are child development, cognitive psychology, personality, memory and the social psychology of individuals and groups, good research skills and to be capable of interpreting lots of data and communicating the results is a strength you need when working with all types of people