You don’t have to Grieve alone anymore.

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You don’t have to Grieve alone anymore.


Firstly: The important thing to understand about grieving is that it’s normal. You are normal. Grief is a natural part of coming to terms with any losses of life.


refusing to eat or excessive eating, isolating yourself, anger, fear, guilt, shame, resentment, confusion, and many other emotions are normal for so many different people.


​Having a grief coach who is an expert at understanding grief can empower you to create healing and rediscover peace in your own way. You set your grief goals and I support and inspire you in achieving them.


​In addition to being an expert at grief and creating transformational healing after loss, it was experiencing loss first hand that guided me to this very rewarding work. Both parents and recently a brother and sister.

It is my passion to help others on this journey to healing. You, too, can learn to thrive and create a life filled with hope, trust, love, faith, and joy again.


Why would I need a grief coach I asked myself?


​There are so many ways that we experience loss, and each of them has a grieving process.


a loved person or pet due to death or expected death.

a marriage due to divorce, distance, mental illness.

a home and other important possession due to fire, theft, divorce.

identity and confidence due to mental, emotional, or physical health .

physical health due to illness, surgery, amputation, or accident.

relationships with family and friends, grieving with children.

employment, career, or direction in life.

Loss of dreams or expectations due to major life changes.


How can grief coaching benefit me?


​Develop understanding of grief and healing

Resolve specific challenges to overcoming grief

Talking with someone who has been in your shoes and can support your process

Reduce stress and anxiety about your experience of loss and your life

Discover meaning in life after profound loss and trauma

Create a new way and learn to embrace life again


What will happen in my grief coaching session?


​In our strictly confidential sessions together, I help you discover how to get from where you are to where you want to be by providing insights that help you overcome the grief you are suffering with and make it to a safe space of discovery in order to support you in healing wounds and achieving life-changing breakthroughs.


Some of the things you can expect from a grief coaching session are:

being listened to compassionately and without judgement.

being asked guided questions that help you become aware of your inner wisdom to heal.

support in helping you make sense of past experiences.

discovering and addressing limiting beliefs and blind spots.

addressing goals and tasks related to creating positive change.

suggestions related to best practices for success if they can be helpful.

Identify and guide where needed to improve wellbeing, health and mental wellness.

Walking and talking to a better life.




or google:  canalasizewithbill



Bill Davis M.I.S.M.A


07931 662338




Greater Manchester





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